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Now coaching from the beautiful
Point Walter Golf Course

Clint Birkholz

Head Professional Clint Birkholz has been a PGA member and teaching professional for more than 20 years.

His teaching style is based on the philosophy that to really excel at the sport, you must work from the ground up, starting with a good grip, set up and posture. The swing can then be built around this.


TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified, Clint’s holistic approach to the game focuses not only on developing match skills, but also considers the specific fitness and core strength required to drive continuous improvement in your game.

Clint commenced a traineeship with the PGA in 1996. During his traineeship, Clint achieved top five status across Australia and joined the trainee elite squad, spending time at the Australian Institute of Sport in Melbourne under Head Coach Ross Herbert and Denis McDade.

Clint has toured professionally in Australia but now focuses on teaching full time.

Clint teaches from Point Walter Golf Course in addition to offering specialised indoor computer analysis lessons using the aboutGOLF simulator system at Golf Box Booragoon.

Clint offers a range of tuition styles, including individual, with a friend or group clinics.

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"To excel, you must work from the ground up - starting with a good grip, set up and posture."

Clint Birkholz


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    "In my first lesson with Clint, his expert eye picked the one particular main fault in my swing, and changed my ball path from a low nasty draw to a high gentle fade. He knows his stuff. I can recommend him without hesitation.​​"
    Phil Smith
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    "I initially did golf lessons about 9 years ago at Burswood where Clint was taking the clinics. Was very inspired after the beginner lessons that I continued onto the next level. I have constant compliments about how I swing and hit the ball, but my technique is all due to Clint! Clint can spot exactly where you are going wrong with your technique he can have you hitting like a pro within minutes! I look forward to a long, successful and enjoyable golf sporting life. Thanks Clint!!!"
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    "I had a lower back problem for half a year that was making my golf pretty painful after a few holes. I asked Clint's help, and he straightaway picked up a bit of a 'leaning backwards' move I'd been doing without even knowing it. Well, he showed my how to swing without hurting my back. And now, if I'm careful, I can play a full game without pain. Clint gave me back my golf. Very grateful. Bloody good teacher."
    Bob Pride
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    "Clint - I'll be a better student next time."
    President Bill Clinton

PlaneSWING Training

Why not incorporate the PlaneSWING® training instrument to further support your tuition experience.

Instant feel, instant understanding, instant results

The PlaneSWING® is a training and fitness aid designed to replicate a realistic swing experience by engaging the core and major golfing muscles to deliver a powerful and dynamic motion.

PlaneSWING® is designed to give you an instant feel for the perfect golf swing and to ingrain a repetitive motion.

If you want extra distance, more power, improved accuracy and greater consistency then a PlaneSWING® session with Clint will provide rapid improvement with permanent results.

You'll discover that regular use will develop motor-skill change ('muscle memory') by training and strengthening your golfing muscles in the correct motion.

It enables you to understand where your ideal swing plane is and facilitates repetition of this motion.

If you would like to incorporate the PlaneSWING into your next individual lesson, please advise this in your booking note.

Watch Clint's golf tip videos

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